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Photography is Everything

Imagery is one of the core in presentation of a company, product or a service. An image speaks a 1000 words. BUT do you even need to have images 😀 .

Here we have a little confusion. Not every product needs to be associated with an image to explain what it is.

Lets talk about a restaurant website in Stavanger city or any other city in Norway. It is sure that If you’re working with ugly food shots, you’re doomed from the outset. Look at the website of Phileas Fogg restaurant in Stavanger. The images tells the story of that place, there images talk about the history, culture and collection of amazing dishes they serve.

As a visitor to a restaurant website, my primary interest is very likely going to be food. You have to sell me on the product, and photography is the way to do it. The trick is, food photography is very difficult, so you can’t take the cheap way out here. Poor food photography can do more harm than good. While developing website of Phileas Fogg i happen to have an opportunity to use images taken by Gone Shootin Photo . These images speaks for themselves.

When we think about the visuals for the site, we might be tempted to think purely of food. Here food is the secondary draw for a restaurant, for many people the primary draw for a restaurant is the atmosphere. I can get a great burger anywhere, but I want to eat a burger in a place that’s awesome!

There’s so much uncertainty involved with trying a new place to eat. If I can really get a feel for the place on the website, then I’ll feel more confident in my decision to eat there.

Further we can talk about texture and colour, custom menus and so on so stay tuned and keep an eye. There will be more to read …

Good luck and have a good one.

I will be looking forward to read your comments here 😉

Image are taken by  Gone Shootin’ Foto.

Zaheer Khan

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